Dr. Simon Gusman

My research mainly concerns existentialism, phenomenology and post-structuralism. I use insights from these schools of thought to study contemporary society, popular culture and personal development. It concerns notions such as adventure, alienation, authenticity, alterity, choices, nothingness, subjectivity, selfhood and narrative identity.

My teaching is centered around interdisciplinary research methodology for students of Liberal Arts and Sciences, as well as the philosophy of interdisciplinary science and personal reflection.

Apart from my academic philosophical work, I have a passion for bringing philosophy to a broader audience. For instance, I have delivered many lectures at large music festivals, such as Lowlands, Down the Rabbit Hole and Zwarte Cross.

For more information or if you are interesting in booking a lecture, please contact me at s.w.gusman [at] uu.nl

Photo by Pleun Pijnenburg