Diep van buiten
De mens volgens Sartre

Boom 2022

Diep van buiten (Deep Down Outside) is the first extensive study of the work of Jean-Paul Sartre originally written in Dutch. Intended for a non-academic audience, it gives readers insight into his ideas concerning subjectivity and identity. Furthermore, it shows the relevance of Sartre’s existential philosophy for the 21st century and the seemingly endless possibilities for shaping our identity which we nowadays face. For more information, see the interviews (in Dutch) on and Radboud Recharge, or read a fragment on

Sartre on Subjectivity and Selfhood
The Self as a Thing Among Things

Palgrave Macmillan 2020

Although Jean-Paul Sartre is a prominent philosopher, the reception of his work is shrouded in misguided ideas concerning his alleged subjectivism. This book positions Sartre in debates concerning subjectivity and selfhood, concepts which form a guiding thread throughout his work and remain immensely relevant in the philosophical landscape of today.

Avonturen bestaan niet
(Co-authored with Arjen Kleinherenbrink)
Boom 2018

Avonturen bestaan niet (Adventures do not exist) concerns our contemporary desire for adventure, in our own lives as well as in fiction. It studies the ideology, history and origin of adventure stories and shows how these rose to prominence in our society. Moreover, it also criticizes the insatiable lust for an overly epic life from an existentialist perspective.