I frequently act as creative advisor, writer and actor for directors Thomas van Kalmthout and Tom Eysink Smeets on various kinds of projects.

The Healer – 155

Magic Sint Maarten als je het mij vraagt – Magic Tom & Yuri, 2022.
Hot Body Police – Love the System, 2022.
Thomas & de coole gitaar – Magic Tom & Yuri, 2021.
The Healer – 155, 2021.
The Price Ain’t Right – Love the System, 2021.
Niemands schuld – De Gestampte Meisjes, 2021.
Magic City Larp Jackass – Magic Tom & Yuri, 2021.
Train Man – X Raiders, 2019.
Won’t Happen – Moon Vessel, 2019.


I have been making collage art under the pseudonym Superstoïcijn since 2009. I participated in many expositions over the years, for example at the Nijmeegse kunstnacht 2019.

In 2011 I published the Superstoïcijn graphic novel entitled ‘Een dag niet gestorven, is een dag niet geleefd’. It is currently out of print.


I have co-created three magazines. The most recent one is De Graftakeling, a joint effort between me, Tim Miechels and Knap Edeldier. The first edition was published in 2022. The magazine combines short stories, drawings and collage art, all with a shared theme of edgyness.

De Horizonvreter is a magazine for weird literature. It ran for a single edition and was launched 2019 as a collective effort of many writers and visual artists from the Arnhem-Nijmegen area. Apart from me being the editor-in-chief, it contains my collage art and my short story ‘Het tegenovergestelde van de horizon‘. Read interviews about De Horizonvreter at Modern myths, Vreemde werelden & De Gelderlander.

From 2009 to 2014, I published the absurdist magazine ‘Judas’, which ran for 9 editions. This too was co-created by me and Tim Miechels and contains collage art and short fiction.